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World Malaria Day: Advance Equity. Build Resilience. End Malaria.

Malaria is holding back economies, communities, and families from achieving their potential. It's women and particularly children who bear the brunt of this impact. 

This year’s World Malaria Day theme is: ‘Advance Equity. Build Resilience. End Malaria.’ It follows the recent publication of the World Malaria Report which shows that COVID-19 disruptions led to an increase of malaria cases and deaths. 

Though much good work is being done by governments, health workers and partners in endemic countries, the human toll of this disease continues to be unacceptable and unjust. A child dies from malaria almost every minute, despite it being a treatable and preventable disease, with 80% of annual malaria deaths being amongst African children under five.

Today, on World Malaria Day, ResultsinHealth joins the malaria community calling for an urgent need for action, and targeted scale up of existing and new tools, such as the RTS,S vaccine and next generation mosquito nets, more data-led strategies and investment in transformative tools. 

This year’s @TheGlobalFund 7th Replenishment ask for at least $18bn, is how we #EndMalaria. It will make the difference between winning 🏆, or losing📉 this fight to #EndMalaria within a generation 🦟🚫#FightForWhatCounts


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