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Capacity Building

Interested in learning more about, or mastering, cutting-edge qualitative M&E methodologies? You can build up your knowledge of PhotoVoice, Most Significant Change, Outcome Harvesting and Digital Story Telling through attending one of our regularly scheduled workshops.

We can also custom design trainings specifically tailored to your organizations’ needs – delivered at ResultsinHealth, or at your or your partner organization’s offices. We can even structure qualitative M&E trainings for staff and participants as part of an evaluation ResultsinHealth conducts for your organization!

More about our trainings Capacity Building

Why should you learn about participatory M&E?

In participatory M&E, primary stakeholders – individuals or groups targeted for assistance – are active participants, and evaluation outcomes reflect their perspectives and aspirations. ResultsinHealth works to ensure that the M&E process itself is empowering for all stakeholders. Learning about these techniques gives your organization important tools to capture results and outcomes, both expected and unexpected, without the need for implementing costly quantitative surveys.

Participatory M&E capabilities are especially important for organizations needing to evaluate complex programming, including projects that have multiple streams of activities, or are focused on improving rights or increasing inclusivity or gender equality. Techniques such as PhotoVoice and Digital Story Telling provide visual evidence of change, which can be important for advocacy campaigns, donor reporting, fundraising, and general marketing.

ResultsinHealth’s trainings are practical and based on adult learning principles.

We know that adults are self-paced, enter the trainings with prior knowledge and life experience, and learn by doing. Our trainings cover each of the participatory M&E methodologies step by step, and demonstrate, through examples and exercises, how to apply the methodology for research or evaluations.

Who should participate in ResultsinHealth trainings?

Our trainings are valuable for a wide variety of professionals including NGO staff, independent M&E experts, consultants, researchers, and educators. Our visual participatory M&E methodologies such as PhotoVoice would also interest community workers and campaigners, photographers, visual artists and marketing specialists. Anyone looking for new and creative ways to gain insight into people’s lived experiences and concerns would gain useful knowledge and techniques from ResultsinHealth’s trainings.

Technical assistance and coaching

Technical Assistance and Coaching: In addition to short-term trainings, we specialize in providing ongoing training, coaching and technical assistance for organizations and projects in M&E systems and procedures.

RiH can develop a customized capacity building programs based on your organization’s specific M&E needs. Typically, our customized trainings involve a series of trainings and workshops, on the job M&E support, and intensive mentoring.

Training Liberating Structures

Liberating Structures - credit to the LS communityLiberating Structures provide participatory, empowering alternatives to conventional ways of facilitating meetings and conversations in organizational settings. The collection of 33 simple yet effective ‘change methods’ – ways to change a meeting/discussion – and facilitation techniques help increase the meaningful involvement of all participants.

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Liberating Structures provide fun, energetic ways to get people talking about their collective expertise, organizational processes, project results, and/or (future) strategies and solutions. Although Liberating Structuresdo not require extensive training, they are best experienced first-hand in an immersion workshop.

Our workshops provide a deep dive deep into the game-changing world of ‘Liberating Structures,’ where participants have the opportunity to experience first-hand how Liberating Structurestransform group discussions, meetings, and collaborative processes. Participants gain new insights and develop practical skills on how to pro-actively and effectively involve participants in group processes:

“I really enjoyed the Liberating Structures Online Immersion Workshop for M&E Specialists! Through directly applying some liberating structures, we collectively generated new ideas on how to make M&E truly participatory. The training was a lot of fun and very rich, while allowing deep reflections and hands-on learning."

Valeria Pecchioni | Partner Manager - PMEL Advisor, Dance4Life

pdfLeaflet Liberating Structures


Our trainers

Ms. Nur Hidayati

Nur is the leader of the Impact Team at ResultsinHealth with responsibilities in the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) portfolio. She has expertise in various public health M&E methods, in particular, in qualitative and participatory methods. Nur has used MSC in research and M&E in many projects in Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa. She has extensive experience in facilitating MSC training courses, implementing MSC as part of M&E, and training project staff.

Ms. Nadia von Holzen

Nadia's aspiration is to create collaborative spaces for others to engage, think and work together. As a facilitator and process coach for online and in-person workshops, she brings creativity into learning settings to boost collaboration and shared learning. Specialized in organizational learning, knowledge sharing...

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...and capacity building in the context of development cooperation, adult learning and social change initiatives, Nadia has worked with the Swiss government, NGOs, foundations and training institutions in Switzerland, The Netherlands, Spain, Africa and Asia. With a Masters in Pedagogics and degrees in Evaluation and Development Studies, over the last 30 years, Nadia has designed and facilitated multiple learning processes and supported network-based collaboration in face-to-face settings and virtually. She has co-organized facilitation trainings with various partners (ResultsinHealth, the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation, Creative Facilitation, Liberating Structures, and the Art of Hosting).

In 2016 Nadia set up Learning Moments to inspire and motivate people to be curious and explore new ways of working and thinking. She has focused her work on building facilitative capacities within teams, organizations and networks in online and in-person collaborations. She accompanies the design process of learning events, leads facilitation trainings online and in person and supports networks through self-assessment and guided coaching.

Ms. Karijn Kakebeeke

Karijn is a certified Photovoice trainer and documentary photographer/filmmaker. As a Photovoice trainer, Karijn developed the Photovoice program for Rutgers International and co-authored the accompanying manual. She has used Photovoice in projects in Malawi, Ghana, Nicaragua and the Netherlands.

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In 2016, she implemented Point of View, the successful photovoice-based project used to promote refugee integration into local Dutch communities.

As a photographer, she won the BMW Paris Photo prize in 2009 and 3rd prize in the category for foreign documentaries at the Zilveren Camera in 2007. Her work has been published and exhibited internationally.

Karijn has collaborated with ResultsinHealth since 2017, organizing training and serving as a trainer and evaluator for specific projects. Our projects with her include, Evaluation of UNiTED's Empowering People with Disability project and an end evaluation of the La League program in Nicaragua.

Mr. Ewen Le Borgne

Ewen's work exists in order to equip people with process literacy, that is language, tools and skills that helps them connect their wholesome energies, competencies and interests to tackle current and future challenges to our human societies and planet. Ewen works actively on building this process literacy through coaching, training, management and facilitation of various collaborative initiatives. His original expertise lies in knowledge management and communication, and he has extensive experience working in Africa, Latin America and in various domains such as agriculture, health, WASH, gender studies, genetics and more.

Training calendar

Track record of Trainings
Event Location Dates
Workshop Liberating Structures Immersion for Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) specialists Online 2021
Workshop Liberating Structures Immersion for Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) specialists Online 2020
Masterclass Photovoice  Online 2020
Training Photovoice and Most Significance Change  Leiderdop, the Netherlands 2019
Training Participatory M&E methods (Most Significance Change, Outcome Harvesting and Photovoice) Jakarta, Indonesia 2019
Training Photovoice Basic Leiderdop, the Netherlands 2017
Training Participatory Video and Most Significant Change  The Hague, the Netherlands 2017
Training Participatory Video and Most Significant Change  The Hague, the Netherlands 2016
Training Qualitative Analysis and Most Significant Change Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2015
Training Qualitative Analysis and Most Significant Change Jakarta, Indonesia 2014
Training Most Significant Change Leiden, the Netherlands 2014
Testimonial of participants

Participants in ResultsinHealth training come from countries all over the world, working for (inter)national governmental and non-governmental organisations, consultancy firms and social enterprises. Below is some testimonial from the training participants:

Frederick Gaghauna, Independent Consultant

Followed a ResultsinHealth training on MSC, Outcome Harvesting and Photovoice.
Jakarta, Indonesia, 2019

“The training with ResultinHealth was great. It's very professional, engaging, fun and practical. I joined the 3 trainings in Jakarta: Outcomes Harvesting, Most Significant Change and Photovoice. All the sessions executed very good combined between theories, case studies, simulations and discussion. Would love to recommend everyone to join RIH classes.”

Esther Sulkers, Postdoctoral researcher
University Medical Center Groningen

Followed a ResultsinHealth Photovoice training.

“I attended the photovoice training, provided by Karijn Kakebeeke (organized by ResultsinHealth) in 2016. This was a great experience. I think that photovoice is a great methodology to elicit the unique perspective of the research participants, especially in low resource settings. The training was very informative, we learned a lot about the background of photovoice, but also got a lot of practice. I really recommend this training to everyone who want to expand his/her (research) toolbox with this participatory qualitative approach.”

Julia Challinor, nurse

Followed a ResultsinHealth training on PVMSC and Photovoice.
Leiderdorp/The Hague, the Netherlands, 2016/2017

"As a nurse working only in low- and middle-income countries in oncology care (a seriously biomedical and quantitatively heavy discipline), I relished the opportunity to learn new qualitative monitoring and evaluation (M&E) techniques to discover unexpected positive outcomes as well as give voice to the recipients and stakeholders in cancer care. 

I have shared what I learned with colleagues across the world who are frustrated by traditional M&E results that show little progress, despite consensus that there have been significant changes. ResultsinHealth classes always have diverse students who are thoughtful professionals and the instructors are well-prepared with course teaching and staying on time, which means students are not short-changed. I heartily endorse ResultsinHealth courses for M&E qualitative-curious researchers and health professionals."

Participants trainings

Movie & Slideshow of Most Significant Change Trainings.

Participants trainings

Movie & Slideshow of Most Significant Change Trainings.

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