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Monitoring & Evaluation

ResultsinHealth’s Impact Team will be glad to help your organization with all of your M&E needs. We design M&E frameworks for new projects, improve existing M&E systems and procedures, and carry out evaluations during or after project implementation. The Impact Team specializes in participatory qualitative M&E, which can be paired with quantitative techniques when appropriate. Our qualitative evaluation techniques often include visual elements, which document progress through recorded stories of change, photographs and videos.

How do we work?

Our participatory M&E is inclusive – we focus on learning and empowerment – for both stakeholders being targeted for assistance, and implementing organizations. We structure our evaluations so that individuals or groups targeted for project assistance are active participants, and evaluation outcomes reflect their perspectives and aspirations. These methods, such as “Most Significant Change” (MSC), “Participatory Video Most Significant Change” (PVMSC), “Photo-MSC”, “Photovoice”, “Outcome Harvesting”, “Digital Story Telling” and “Sprockler ” document projects’ impact on participants’ lives.

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These methods capture achievements, as well as intended and unintended consequences. We provide donors and stakeholders with powerful visual evidence detailing the authentic voice of beneficiaries. These methods give a voice to people oftentimes not heard such as youth, women, and women and men and boys and girls from marginalised groups.

Participatory evaluation techniques, our experience shows, bring programme and/or research results to life. Techniques like Outcome Harvesting provide reliable and useful insights: for fine-tuning projects underway, and generating valuable lessons from completed initiatives.

Why use participatory M&E evaluation methods?

Besides empowering stakeholders, ResultsinHealth’s participatory M&E techniques are ideal for assessing complex projects, where people have largely differing interests (and that risk ignoring the voice of the minority and most marginalised), including ones meant to improve policies, rights, and change accepted practices. Using participatory M&E approaches is ideal to evaluate multi-layered interventions, including projects intended to have multiple outcomes, where one set of results is dependent on another, or where outcomes are dynamic and difficult to straightforwardly assess.

Clients and Geographic Experience: We have evaluated projects across different geographies, cultures, and language groups and for clients such as the World Bank, the Dutch Government, Plan International, Oxfam and the Aga Khan Foundation. Geographically, we have worked alone, and in partnerships, in Europe, Southeast Asia, Anglophone Africa, and across Central Asia.

ResultsinHealth’s Impact Team and our network of highly qualified associates have substantial topical expertise in the areas of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), gender equality, Livelihood, Social Inclusion, Health System Strengthening and Impact Management. Our associate network, however, is wide and our participatory M&E tools are flexible. For example, we were asked to use Most Significant Change (MSC) by the GRM International to evaluate a financial inclusion project in Indonesia in 2014-2015 and by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ ) to evaluate a climate change project in 2015.

Contact Ms. Nur Hidayati to discuss your organization’s evaluation needs.

Our Monitoring & Evaluation-team members

Nur Hidayati
Team Leader
  • +31 (0)71 760 12 15
Titing Martini
Project Manager
  • +31 (0)71 760 12 09
Aryanti Radyowijati
Senior Expert
  • +31 (0)71 760 12 12
Lingga Tri Utama
Project Manager
  • +31 (0)71 760 12 16
Rima Irmayani
Senior Expert
  • +31 (0)71 760 12 18
Maurizia Mezza
Project Manager
  • +31 (0)71 760 12 13
Meet our consultants

Ms. Sarah Osman

Sarah is an applied behavioural science specialist. She received an MSc in Cognitive Psychology, with a specialization in Health Psychology and Behavior Change Communication from Maastricht University in 2005, an MSc in International Development Studies from the University of Amsterdam in 2008, and a postgraduate certificate in Business, Human Rights Law and Corporate Social Responsibility from the Open University in 2014.

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Sarah’s career in global development spans over 15 years, including broad work on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), with experience in HIV prevention. Her previous employers have included Marie Stopes International, and her clients include the AmplifyChange Fund. She also has extensive experience in migration and development, and is currently leading a project for the Danish Refugee Council on risk and irregular migration. She has worked on SRHR policy advocacy, conducted research on SRHR awareness-raising campaigns and developed SRHR social norms change guidance. In addition, Sarah is a skilled researcher and writer with several publications and has led extensive consultative research with a wide variety of stakeholders. She is also an experienced trainer and facilitator, having led several workshops and designed various training tools and sessions. Sarah was born in Khartoum, Sudan in 1980 and lives in Oslo, Norway with her family.

Key achievement at ResultsinHealth: Sarah is currently leading a project on risk and irregular migration out of Afghanistan.

Ms. Nele Blommestein

Nele is a monitoring and evaluation professional offering over 18 years of extensive experience acquired through various positions in public and international development sectors. Educated in Information Systems, she uses her analytical skills for the design and implementation of baseline, mid-term and final evaluations, Theories of Change, and monitoring and evaluation plans for several large development interventions.

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Nele is a leading practitioner in applying outcome measurement approaches for development evaluations, such as story surveys and Outcome Harvesting. She has extensive experience working with non-linear approaches, such as advocacy and lobbying, policy change, conflict resolution and empowerment.

Nele profoundly believes in people-centered development processes, and uses a range of participatory evaluation and research methods. Nele is currently working with ResulstinHealth on an end evaluation of the Health System Advocacy Partnership project (started November 2019 – present).

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