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Overview: ResultsinHealth (RiH) is a woman-owned and managed International development advisory firm, based in the Netherlands. We have two divisions: Procurement and Supply Management (PSM) and the Impact Team. PSM focuses on quality assurance for the pharmaceutical supply chain, while the Impact Team offers services in monitoring and evaluation (M&E), operational research and capacity building.

History: We were founded many years ago by two physicians interested in increasing effective disease prevention and improving access to health care and the overall wellbeing of target populations. As RiH grew, we created our M&E division, which we call the Impact Team. The two divisions work to strengthen health systems and accurately monitor and evaluate the progress and results of health and non-health programs.

Expertise: We have a range of in-house expertise in areas such as Pharmaceutical Supply Management, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Gender and Social Inclusion. Our staff carry out short- and long-term assignments working closely with an extensive pool of highly qualified and trusted associates.

Global Reach: We are active globally: over the last in two years our PSM and Impact Team divisions have worked in more than 50 countries, working for governments, international and local NGOs, and multilateral institutions.

Vision: By 2029, RiH’s contribution to improving the health and wellbeing of vulnerable populations around the world will recognized globally.

RiH works together with
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ResultsinHealth’s Procurement and Supply Management (PSM) Team assists ministries of health around the world strengthen national health systems in the area of pharmaceutical supply chain management. We work as the Local Fund Agent on behalf of Global Fund to Fight HIV, Malaria and Tuburculosis in more than 50 countries.

Our PSM Team works to ensure the highest degree of quality, efficiency and integrity when governments receive Global Fund or other donor grants for the procurement and supply management of medicines, diagnostics, medical supplies and other health products. We provide timely advice and critical risk assessments at all levels of the supply chain of health commodities and consumables. Based on ResultsinHealth’s advice, clients such as the Global Fund, can make evidence-based decisions on how to spend resources for medicines, diagnostic tools and other health products appropriately and optimally. We also conduct national surveys for Health Product Availability (also referred to as On-Shelf Availability) – since 2018 we’ve conducted these in 50 countries.

The Impact Team

Why does RiH call our division that provides Monitoring and Evaluation, Training and Operational Research the Impact Team? Simply put, we have a laser focus on helping organizations understand how to measure impact, and design impactful programming, starting with relevant Theory’s of Change.

We use cutting edge qualitative evaluation tools to assess projects once underway or completed. Click to learn more about the Impact Team’s work in Monitoring and Evaluation, Operational Research, and Capacity Building.

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