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ResultsinHealth takes
an intersectional
approach to gender

Gender equality

Gender considerations are central to the Impact Team's work. Taking a participatory approach, we can help your organization reach your gender equality objectives.

How we work

Is a gender-inclusive perspective important to your work?

ResultsinHealth has extensive experience working on gender equality. We can support you with gender equality as a specific topic, and with approaching gender as a crosscutting component within SRHR, Health System Strengthening, Education and within Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation (PME) and Learning. We have worked on Gender-Based Violence, Safe Abortion Services, and we integrated gender aspects into Maternal Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) services. We also integrate gender in our coaching and design of PME systems and in our training on participatory methods.

Why take a gender-inclusive perspective? ResultsinHealth realizes that the rights of woman and girls are not upheld in many countries. We recognize that our participatory approach, oftentimes working with women and men, is very beneficial for identifying the discrimination women and girls face while revealing the agency and power of women and girls themselves.

We typically take an intersectional approach to gender equality. We recognize that women face various intersecting and multiple forms of discrimination. Focusing on just one of these aspects oftentimes is not effective or may not lead to consulting the women and girls that need the most attention. We have worked with rural, migrant, HIV+, infertile, lesbian, and disabled women and girls. ResultsinHealth also works on the wider issues of inclusion. We have for example worked intensively on LGBT(Q)I issues and with youth.

Working on and integrating gender equality, products include evaluations, assessments, reviews, research, set-up of M&E systems, coaching and training. We apply mixed methods, including highly participatory methods such as Most Significant Change, Photovoice and Outcome Harvesting. This allows us to best achieve our outcomes, while empowering women and valuing their rich inputs, and allowing for sensitive topics to be discussed in a safe environment.

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