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Cookie Policy

What are cookies and why do we use them?

We make use of cookies on our website. Cookies are small files that a website places on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you visit the website. The cookies store information about your website visit. The use of cookies is secure. By placing the cookies your personal details can be processed. Using cookies means a website can remember you should you visit again. This can be useful, for example, if you don’t want to have to log in every time you visit the website. We differentiate between functional, non-functional and tracking cookies.

Functional cookies (essential cookies)
Functional cookies are necessary to allow the website to function effectively. These cookies will be placed as standard and won’t be removed if you choose not to accept cookies. Functional cookies ensure that you can stay logged in during your visit to the website. They also ensure that products remain in your shopping basket if you want to buy something in our webshop. We always place functional cookies.

Non-functional cookies (statistic cookies)
Non-functional cookies are not essential for the effective working of the website, but they help us to offer the visitor a good website. These cookies give us, for example, an insight into which sections of our website are popular and in which areas we can improve our website. Where we don’t offer the option to accept or decline non-functional cookies, only anonymous cookies will be used.

Tracking cookies (marketing cookies)
Tracking cookies are used to record a history of the user's actions on multiple websites. This allows advertisements which are shown on a website to be customised and aligned to the interests of the individual visitor. We do not use tracking cookies unless you have explicitly given us your permission.

Which cookies do we use?

Functional cookies (essential cookies):

Session cookies
These can look, for example, like: e84db5f2a239b8f4573615f752d3e4c7 and run to the end of the session. They serve purely for the effective functioning of the website and they remember which pages you have visited on the website. It also allows, for example, the user to download PDF files from our website and for the website to remember the contents of your shopping basket.

Cookie consent status
The user’s preferences concerning cookie choices are saved here, for example which cookies you have accepted and which you have not.

This cookie is placed by the web host so that in the case of calamity it can trace back which webserver out of the host’s cluster has handled a request so that the source of the problem can be tracked down more quickly. No personal details are sent via this cookie.

Non-functional cookies (statistical cookies)

Cookies to measure visits
Analytic cookies enable us to measure website visits. These statistics give us an insight into how often our website is used, which information visitors are looking for and which pages are visited most. Through this we know which parts of the website are popular, and which areas of the website we can improve. We continuously analyse and improve our website in order to make the visitors’ experience as enjoyable as possible. The statistics that we gather cannot be traced back to individuals. These details are always gathered anonymously. We use Google Analytics to get an insight into the data. We have entered into a processor agreement with Google for this, and besides masking the last octet of the IP address (anonymization) we have also turned off the "data sharing". We do not make use of any other Google services in conjunction with Google Analytics cookies.

Analytic cookies are placed with every visit to our website. Analytic cookies (_ga,_gat en_gid) gather amongst other things the following details:

• Your IP address (the traceability of visitors is limited as much as possible by the anonymization of the last groups of digits of each IP address);
• A record of the number of visitors to our web pages;
• A record of the duration of the visit;
• Location (on the basis of anonymized IP addresses);
• The searches performed on the website;
• Details about your browser and the device which you use to visit our website such as operating system and screen size;
• The search terms used in the search engine on the website itself;
• How you have reached our website. For example, which search terms you have used to arrive at our website, or if you have clicked on one of our adverts or on a link on another website to reach us;
• Items that you have purchased or added to the shopping cart on the website.

For more information about what Google does with the gathered data, we refer you to Google’s privacy statement. This statement can change regularly.

Tracking cookies (marketing cookies):

Cookies for social media integration
On our website we sometimes show videos and other content that you can promote and share on social media via a button. To allow these buttons to work social media companies (such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google) install cookies so that they can recognise you when you are logged in to that social network. Through this they also collect details on the page that you share. These cookies are only placed when you actually promote or share content. For more information on the details which social media companies gather we refer you to the privacy statements of these companies. These can change regularly.

Blocking and removing cookies
If we do not gather any personal details and the details that we gather are anonymized, we are not required to ask for consent to place cookies. Parties which may place tracking cookies that do include personal data are listed above. We have no influence on this and we refer you to the privacy statements of these parties.

You can also choose via your browser settings to block the placing of cookies. By doing this you will immediately block the cookies from all the websites that you visit. If you block all cookies, then websites may not work as effectively. It is therefore better to only turn off selected unwanted cookies

You can read more over what we do with your personal details in our privacy statement.

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