ResultsinHealth experts excel in evaluating and researching HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment and care

A key aspect of ResultsinHealth’s work is translating findings from the field into training, education and knowledge products. Through this work we have developed robust working partnerships with a variety of national and international institutions and agencies.

An example of our work
Assessment of the gender-specific aspects of HIV and AIDS prevention among ethnic minorities in The Netherlands

Gender is an important aspect to be considered in HIV and AIDS infection prevention. The Dutch AIDS Fund wanted to learn about the role of gender in HIV prevention programmes among ethnic minorities (migrants) in The Netherlands. In collaboration with the University of Amsterdam, ResultsinHealth developed a study to document the extent to which gender aspects were being addressed in these programmes.

ResultsinHealth's added value
ResultsinHealth experts studied the literature on HIV prevention among migrants in The Netherlands, using the UNAIDS framework on assessing gender aspects in HIV programming. Based on that study, interviews were held with programme managers of Dutch Municipal Health services.

The study findings showed that although gender aspects were well addressed, other important elements were missing. The effectiveness of existing prevention activities was influenced by gender, legal and cultural factors. Most importantly, the national health system failed to meet the specific needs of particular migrant communities. Interestingly, it was concluded that key lessons learned in the context of developing countries’ health systems should be applied to care for migrants in The Netherlands.

The findings guided a multi-year intervention programme on gender issues in migrant communities and included a major retraining of the Dutch Municipal Health service staff.