ResultsinHealth has been asked to provide essential input on assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of two peer support projects for HIV positive migrants in the Netherlands. This support will feed into the design of a new multi-year anti-retroviral therapy (ART) adherence programme.

The recently granted Dutch ART adherence programme – ADHERO – focusses on strengthening therapy adherence in informal and formal care for HIV positive migrants living in the larger cities of The Netherlands. HIV positive migrants are often hindered by cultural taboos and stigma surrounding HIV, and struggle with disclosure, acceptance and therapy adherence.

The two peer projects that will be studied by ResultsinHealth (implemented by the Mara Foundation in Rotterdam, and the Shiva Foundation in Amsterdam) support ethnic minorities in finding their way to live with HIV and aim to improve not only their quality of life, but also their HIV treatment uptake.
Through a comprehensive, multi-method analysis, ResultsinHealth will deliver a rich profile on how to develop and implement an effective peer project for HIV positive migrants in The Netherlands. This profile will serve to inform the further development of existing initiatives, and provide a guideline for those aiming to apply similar approaches.